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New for 2024! Please follow our new check in procedure below:

1. Upon reservation completion, If done on line you will get an automated email confirming your reservation. Please use the following map to help you get to your site and keep with your reservation information. Click here >>>>

2. Upon arrival, please proceed directly to your site and set up. Check in at the office between 5pm and 7 pm daily

Once at your site, text "Site" # "checking in" to 715-356-6470

If you arrive after 7pm, you will be checked in the following day between 5 pm and 7pm daily, closed Sundays. Please have cash or charge available to pay balance (4% fee applies if charging). Parking permits will be issued at this time.

5. To order wood, please text # of bundles and site# to 715-356-6470. Wood is $8 per bundle. Wood will be delivered between 5 and 7 PM all days

6. Upon checking out before 12pm, text "Site" # "checking out" to 715-356-6470. If you check out late between 12pm and 4pm, a $10.40 charge will be required. If checking out after 4 PM, another full night's charge will be required

We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

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