Fox Fire Campground Rules and Regulations 

Fox Fire Campground Rules and Regulations 

2020 Season 




1. General: Thank you once again for being a member of the Fox Fire Family. Our season runs from May 1st to October 15th every year. We have 80 sites on 20 acres and camping choice to approximately 300 people. Because of this crowded little paradise, we have a few rules we have found to be necessary to help all get along peaceably. Please read this policy letter completely as some changes and updates have been made. We highly recommend you keep a copy in your trailer to refer to it throughout the season as needed. We also apologize for the increasing length of this document. It was never our intention to have such detailed rules. However, every item in here was generated out of an incident which occurred right here in the campground. In other words, YOU, our campers, both seasonal and daily, have created this document. Some items have been generated because of experiences in nearby campgrounds as well, which we include in order to ensure the best campground neighborhood as possible. Our intent is to provide these rules to better ensure continued camper responsibility, good will, peace, security and neighborliness by minimizing confrontation thus permitting the greatest degree of enjoyment for all. Therefore, the purpose of this policy letter is to inform all guests, seasonal or daily, of their limitations and physical boundaries while camping at Fox Fire Campground.  There are no exceptions to this policy letter and it is effective immediately. Any past contracts are null and void with the signing of each new contract which supersedes the past agreements. Any guest who violates this policy will be informed of the violation to correct the problem. By not complying with these rules, your lease may be terminated at any time without refund. Any questions regarding this policy can be forwarded to the owner, we will be happy to answer your concerns. By signing our contract, or if you stay and don’t sign, either way, you agree to the terms in this Fox Fire Campground Rules and Regulations document. Our goal is to treat you all with respect and to never take you for granted or to take advantage of your good nature...all we ask is you provide us the same courtesy and allow us to make a living at this business.


2. Camp Site Boundaries: The primary width boundary lines run from electric meter to electric meter between each site and parallel along the length of each trailer. The exception to this boundary is any stairwells, gas tanks and trailer side expansions that exist along the side of that site. All campers must ensure adequate room for their neighbors to access their trailers on the meter side (port side) of their trailers. The campground owner must approve all future stairwells, sheds, porches and appliances that are desired to be added. Not getting approval may be grounds to remove that object. All site front and back boundaries go from the trailer to 36 inches from the edge of the road, unless the site has another site in front of or behind it or if there is no road to define a boundary. In these cases, the boundary in front of or behind a trailer is up to 8 feet unless less space is required to permit reasonable public thoroughfare. All property on site must be a minimum of 18 inches from the edge of each side boundary with the exception of the septic drain pipe and all objects must be at least outside of a 3-foot diameter of your neighbor’s electrical post to ensure they can safely and adequately access it.  You must permit adequate access for your neighbor to access the backside of their trailer (i.e. no wood stacking, sheds, screen tents, etc. within 3 feet of your neighbors’ trailer). Lakeside sites will maintain the same standard boundaries as the rest of the campground. Roads are not in site boundaries and are to be maintained by the campground management. All seasonal guests will keep their lot maintained and are responsible for its good appearance to include cutting grass (Camp Owners have a courtesy push mower available for your use).  Use common sense in vague areas. Not having a camper immediately next to you does not imply you have the freedom to expand your site. Rates are based on these standard dimensions. Any campers expanding their site beyond established normal site boundaries will be asked to move items or site fees will be increased without notice or explanation.


3. Fireworks:  No airborne fireworks or fireworks thrown into our lakes will be permitted due to town ordinance. Any violations are a breach of contract and will be grounds for your removal from the premises. Anything hand held or that stays on the ground is acceptable. Airborne fireworks have landed on others property and cause damage to include awnings, tents, cars, etc. Litter from fireworks is not welcomed left on grounds or in lakes and must be cleaned up immediately.


4. Pricing: Maximum number of people staying overnight is 6 people per unit. State law DHS 178.11 (4)(a) only permits 6 people per unit as verified per the state inspector. Maximum camping unit per site is one. Additional guests other than immediate family (i.e. husband, wife and their children) staying overnight must register in the office and pay $5 per adult per night for 18 and over, $3 for 12 to 17 and under 12 is free. Extra units are not permitted on any site, tents included. If an extra unit is discovered on a site, the renter will be charged at that sites full daily rate unless it is for accompanied minors under 17 only. In this case, no fee will be charged but in no case will more than one extra tent be allowed per site. These minors must be part of the single family renting that site (i.e. husband, wife and their children). It does not include extended family. This is a special request that must be verbally made with the owners in every case.


5. Camping Accessories: Most accessories are permitted on each site. The exception is any accessories that require water or electricity to run or be maintained. Any such items will be permitted at the discretion and permission of the campground owner. These items must be cleared through the campground office before setup occurs or additional charges may be incurred. Sheds are permitted if site boundary rules are followed and cleared by the campground owner. Remember all accessories and cars must fit within site boundaries or you will be asked to move them. Campers with existing decks and shed that do not meet this criterion are grandfathered in as long as they are not creating safety or space problems for the sites next to them. The campground’s electrical system is not designed to run the electrical requirements of your second home – they are designed for camping!! Therefore, minimize your use of electronics. No hot tubs are permitted. Only one A/C unit permitted per site unless on a 50-amp site. If our outlets short out due to over usage or are used in a fashion not consistent with this regulation, you will be responsible for the cost of repair!


6. Off Site Parking and Storage: Parking of vehicles is only allowed within site boundaries (see #2). Only 2 vehicles maximum are permitted on site at any one time. Your boat constitutes 1 vehicle. Under no circumstances is parking permitted on any open sites! Failure to do so may result in you being charged at the full rate for that site without notice or you will be towed at your expense if you are not available to move your exceptions! (this causes us to lose a lot of business as campers come in unexpected off the road looking for a site and left because they couldn’t find one...DON” T DO IT). Any additional vehicles must be parked in our main storage area behind the mobile homes or other campground owner agreed to location. Long term storage of all vehicles/trailers (to include cars, trucks and boats) during the season will cost an additional flat rate seasonal fee of $50 per vehicle. All vehicles must have some site number identification somewhere on that vehicle, so we can ensure you have paid. Don’t abuse this program or we will be forced to take a more serious stance on this in the future Any other locations for storage other than our main storage area will have to be negotiated and at the discretion of the campground owner and will also be charged as negotiated. Camp owners are not responsible for damage to any vehicles. Ensure all vehicles are adequately insured.


7. Garbage: The dumpsters are now under 24-hour video surveillance! Due to continued abuse of our garbage service by campers as well as local nearby residents off campground, the dumpsters will now be closely monitored. Please bag all garbage AND PLEASE FOLLOW ALL RULES BELOW. 

a.    DO NOT DUMP HOME GARBAGE IN OUR BINS! It will not be tolerated! It’s not our responsibility to pay for your home garbage! We don’t have the capacity – DON’T DO IT!

b.   YOU MAY PLACE CARDBOARD BOXES IN THE RECYCLE DUMPSTER AS LONG AS THEY ARE BROKEN DOWN AND COLLAPSED. Make every attempt to burn your boxes in your fire rings. Wisconsin State regulators forced us to remove our burn barrels. They state that all boxes should be burned in your fire rings! We know this is not logical but those are the state rules.

c.   DO NOT DUMP ASHES IN DUMPSTER OR IN THE WOODS. This is due to potential fire hazard. Ashes will be cleaned from your fire ring UPON REQUEST. Leaves and pine needles may be taken to our debris pile in back of campground dump station. Also do not leave garbage in your fire rings when not in use as it attracts animals. Do not burn toxic products in your fire ring such as carpets and rubber products.

d.   DO NOT DUMP OR LEAVE SMALL APPLIANCES, TV’s, PUSH MOWERS, FURNITURE, ETC. in or around the garbage dumpster or anywhere in the campground!! Garbage personnel will not pick these items up and we are not responsible for them...YOU ARE! The Veolia recycling center on Hwy J will accept these items. They are a block down on the right after a left turn from Hwy 47 East. Their basic minimum charges are $20 for furniture, metal and trash. Appliances are $20 each and electronic waste is $.25 per pound, $5.00 minimum. They do not accept any yard waste, hazardous material such as paints and oil. Trig’s recycling Center is a second option for you behind Trig’s Food Stores in Minocqua. It is your responsibility to take any items other than household garbage and pay any costs the centers require.

e.    DO NOT DUMP GARBAGE IN RECYCLING BIN. Recycling has been commingled meaning glass, plastic & tin can be put in the same container—no sorting required! Please note the signs designating each container. 

f.    DO NOT DUMP NEWSPAPERS INTO GARBAGE. Place them in the newspaper bin inside the fish cleaning house. This does not include catalogs, magazines or glossy sales papers which should go into the recycling bin.


8. Fish cleaning house: Fish Cleaning House is for paying campground guests only! Please newspaper wrap & bag (provided) all fish waste and dispose in outside garbage dumpster.  Keep house clean.  THAT INCLUDES DRAIN UNDER THE SINK! Please keep this area clean. If the state violates us for not keeping this area clean enough, we will be required to close it. This area is for your use not your abuse. Thank you for your help!


9.  Pets: are allowed, but must be kept on a leash, pet mess must be cleaned up even in the woods where children play!!  Pets must not be left unattended and are not allowed in buildings or in beach area. Barking dogs left outside that are uncontrolled or unattended will not be tolerated.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!


10. Noise:  We have working people in the campground. Therefore, quiet time is 10:00 P.M. for adults and minors alike. Minor children must be at their campsite within 30 minutes of quiet time.  Loud disturbances after quiet time will not be tolerated. If you have a noise complaint DO NOT approach the offending individual. Instead contact the owner any time of day or night. We will deal with the problem and if the problem continues after our warning, the offending individual will be removed from the campground accompanied by the Vilas County Police Department if necessary. 


11. Late and Non-Payment: We need your continued support to keep this campground open. Campers not paying put us in real danger of having to close on an annual basis. All we hope for is your understanding of our right and desire to make a living and our desire to keep this campground not just open but thriving. Without your timely payment this will not happen.

 Our seasonal rate is our best offered rate that campers can lock in by paying it in advance in its entirety. In order to ensure you get the seasonal rate you must pay IN FULL by May 1st. Late payment after that deadline will be subject to the following rules: If not paid in full by June 1st, you will receive a 30-day letter to vacate the site and a bill at the monthly rate of $850 for the first month of May. If the site is not vacated or paid for in full for the month after another 30 days (July 1st), Campground owners will ask you to leave immediately and if not moved by the end of the month, the owners WILL file in small claims court for money due and/or all expenses to include the monthly rate for the month of June and May, whatever has not yet been paid. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy...please ask. Electric bills must also be paid within 10 days of receipt.


12. Selling of Campers on Site:  New starting 2019 season, Mobile Homes will be permitted to sell on site with some significant exceptions: 


1. A $3000 deposit must be paid to Fox Fire Campground before the sale is closed. 


2. The buyer must understand they will not be permitted to sell on site and must remove the trailer or demolish it upon the completion of their use of the mobile home. If at their expense, the $3000 will be returned, if not the deposit will be used to remove the trailer.


3. Buyer must understand that they are responsible for any additional costs of removal or demolition above and beyond the amount on deposit.


For all other units, we have no intention of trying to tell you who you can sell your trailer to should you ever decide to sell. However, if you intend to sell your trailer and the new owner will remain on site, it must be brought to the immediate attention of the campground owners as we have every right to not enter into any contracts with your new buyer. It is in your best interest to inform us as we do get calls from potential buyers and we can help you make the sale. ALL BUYERS STAYING ONSITE MUST MEET WITH AND BE APPROVED BY CAMP OWNERS.  BUYERS MUST SIGN A CONTRACT WITH CAMP OWNER BEFORE ANY SALE TAKES PLACE ON SITE. All Buyers will be background checked before a contract will be approved. The camp owners reserve the right to not accept any buyer planning on staying in the campground for any reason. 


13. Dump Station Use: New dump station is behind the office. It is free to all seasonal and daily campers at Fox Fire. It is $10 per dump for non-residents. 


14. Subletting:  Subletting of sites will not be permitted under any circumstances.


15.  Wood/ Firewood / Fire rings/ Picnic Tables:  All wood on the premises not transported here by guests is campground property. Any tree trunks, fallen, standing dead or alive or cut up are off limits for camper use. If you are identified as taking any of our wood, you will be charged. Any cut wood piles, long logs, cut firewood, split or otherwise anywhere on the campground, standing or on the ground is off limits. Any taking of wood will be considered an act of theft. You are not entitled to our wood, our fire rings or our picnic tables as they are campground property.

     All fire rings, unless brought in by a seasonal personally, are campground property. They are not to be moved or acquired under any circumstances without owner approval.  Dead branches that are on the ground only may be collected for use in campfires. We sell firewood at a reasonable rate in the office to help defer the costs of our lumberjack annual cost. Do not dump your ashes from your fire rings in the garbage or anywhere in the campground. If you need your fire ring cleaned, please inform the owners or the front office, we will provide that service within our ability and time schedule.

Due to insects such as the Emerald Ash Bore, bringing firewood from other than the local area is prohibited.  The state has now confirmed and updated guidelines...No firewood may be brought into campground other than locally within 10 miles. Bores have been found southwest, south and north of this area. Please help us control the ash bore! Many of the trees in the campground are Ash and will have to be removed at any sign of the Ash Bore.


16. Building decks:  Deck building by guests is permitted with campground owner consent. Allowable deck dimensions run up to the length of the trailer but no wider than a standard size awning once pulled out, which is approximately 8 feet. These dimensions include any stair extensions i.e. stairs must also be built within the dimensions of the awning as well. The latest revisions in Wisconsin state law require all decks to be no closer than 10 feet from the trailer next to you (DHS 178.11(1)). Per our state inspector, this legal requirement pertains to slide outs as well, i.e. all decks and awnings must be at least 10 feet from a neighbor slide out. It is also state law to ensure that the deck is never fastened in any fashion to the trailer (DHS 178.11(2)). Furthermore, deck posts must be above ground as no digging is permitted. Hard roof decks are not permitted in the campground unless they are preexisting or needed due to safety concerns and approved by the campground owner. Pre-existing hard roof decks also cannot be enclosed in any fashion, to include screens, windows and walls of any type. The structure must be removable within 30 days should you need to vacate your site. Campers in full hookup site need to understand that due to spacing between sites, decks are technically not legal due to that they cannot easily be built with 10 foot spacing from the trailer next to them required by the area fire departments as well as state code. However, since most have them and are grandfathered in, we will unofficially permit them on a case by case basis. Be very judicious with your deck build and as far from another trailer as possible.


17. Private Lands: The campground is surrounded by private lands. These lands are 100% off limits to all camping guest, seasonal or daily. Piers, to include owner’s pier, are also off limits. Please respect the campground owners, our neighbors and our collective property and privacy as much as we respect you and yours.


18. Trees / Branch Trimming:  Trees are not to be planted by campers without owner approval. All trimming of trees on your site must be approved by owners before accomplished. We will accomplish trimming as time permits. Guest accomplishing these tasks will be on a case by case basis at camp owner’s discretion.


19. Satellite dishes/ obstacles: Satellite dishes are welcome if they fit within your site dimensions. They must be clear of all traffic and lanes that allow people access to the front and back of their trailers and must be clear of all obstacles and pose no hazards to people or property.


20. Winterization: Winter storage costs $300 for the winter. Storing your trailers here for the winter is free providing you are returning the following season and have signed a new contract. If you leave before the following season and have left your trailer with us. You will be billed for $300. We do not provide winterization of trailers. At the end of the season, if storing trailer here for the winter, please disconnect your water lines from our source so we may blow out the water lines for winter. Your trailer is solely your responsibility. Again, if you store your trailer here over winter and do not return the following year and have not paid for your winter storage you will be charged $300.00.


21. Liability: Campground owners will not be held liable for any damage to guest property carried out by others or due to weather or other acts of god.  Any injury due to negligence or improperly maintained campers or vehicles is not campground owner’s responsibility and we will not be held liable for these items. Also, no life guard is provided by the campground on the premises and swimming is at your own risk.


22. Emergencies: If you have a medical emergency always dial 911 first and then, if we may be of assistance, please call us and let us know. We are happy to help with any emergencies to the best of our abilities.


23. Zero Point Fitness: We are very proud to bring you a new fitness center to the campground. Zero Point Fitness is open year-round to all. It is a complete gym with fitness training service and is a fully functioning gym separate from the campground. We have special rates for our seasonal campers. Please visit for further details. A separate application and waiver agreement will be required upon joining the gym. Fees for campers are $10/day, $20/month or $99 for the season per person.


24.  Golf Carts, Dirt Bikes and ATVs: Golf carts are generally not permitted in the campground except where mobility of a disabled camper requires it. Under no circumstances are they to be used for joyriding by minors. Minors under 16 years old are not permitted to operate any motorized vehicle on the campground. Operation of ATVs are not permitted at all in the campground. Dirt bikes are also not allowed in the campground.


25.  Late season Seasonal site requests:  On time seasonal requests will be prorated at the seasonal rate. No seasonal requests will be accepted for any season after June 30th of that year. The only exception to this rule is if the seasonal signs a contract for the following year and pays a non- refundable deposit of $500 for the following year. Only in this case will we prorate them at a seasonal rate for the existing year. In no case will we prorate a new seasonal request after July 31st for any reason.


26. Beach Use: Our beach is private for camper and gym members only. The campground beach is available for all paid daily and seasonal campers and their registered and paid for guest as well as all paid for gym members. Under no circumstances may campers or gym members bring the public or unpaid for guest to the beach. It is just too small. Pets are not allowed and there is absolutely no fishing in the beach area which is designated by signs. No boat parking either. Violations will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


27. Cabin:  We have a camping/sleeping cabin. Cabin has no water and guests are required to bring their own bedding. Rates are $95 per night. $95 deposit required. Deposits are non-refundable inside of 30 days of the start of the reservation.


28. Camping Worker Policy.  Seasonal workers planning on staying with us must be unaccompanied by any family or other workers. Workers with families are no longer permitted. Workers may stay at a seasonal rate; however, the season is only from May 1st until October 15th any time before or after these dates will be charge in addition at the same seasonal rate.


29. Boats on Little Bass Lake.  Due to the congestion of boats being left on our shore of Little Bass Lake, we are having to manage the number of boats as well as how and where they can be stored. All forms of boats or floats of all kinds is restricted to a 20-boat maximum. We will no longer permit more than this number left on our shores. All boats must be registered with the front office and must display a decal of the site number it belongs to on the bow of the boat. Any boats not so numbered or registered with be removed off the shore and moved to our storage area behind the mobile homes. If these boats are not claimed by the end of the year, we will dispose of the boats in a fashion that is the least expensive to us. 

    Parking/storing of boats on the lake shore: No boats will be permitted along the shoreline between the northern edge of the designated beach area and the camps boat rental shack at the southern end of the shoreline unless it is on a designated rental boat rack that the camp owner provides. We have cleared more area for boats on the shore south of our rental boat shack. We will be building a maximum of three structures that can store no more than 6 paddle boats. These boat storage racks will cost $50 per season and must be registered with the campground staff. All boats must be locked. If we must move a locked boat due to being in an unapproved location, unpaid, unregistered or un-numbered, we reserve the right to cut the lock which will be replace at the boat owners’ expense and move the boat to our storage area. The boat owner will be charged a $10 fee in this case. If we are at our maximum of twenty boats on the shore, no more permissions will be given and interested parties will be put on a waiting list.


By signing the contract, you agree to abide by ALL terms of this regulation. If you have any questions or concerns, please come and talk to us. Let's all try to remember to have fun and be considerate of your neighbors and respect their property.


Updated June 2019